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June Bridals short sleeves evening gowns

~ NCW Royal Rumble~

~Promo #1~

~30 Men Royal Rumble Match~

[Getting Back to Where I Need To Be]

Thursday, February 1st 2018. 12:45 P.M.

[Scene Begins]

[The scene opens to the glaring sounds and noises of a repeated buzzing sound, echoing through in a loud and rapid manner as the scene glances to a close-up camera angle of a silver colored metal alarm clock vibrating off of the surface of the bedside table, the alarm clock shining at its utmost brightest due it being placed underneath the bright rays that came from the source of a lightbulb screwed in underneath the table side lamp. The clock vibrantly shook, closer and closer towards the edge of the table as suddenly a large hand swung forward, slamming atop of the small metal object, abruptly ending the loud noise. The hand eventually moves away from the top of the clock which was now dented in, the glass was cracked, nearly on the verge of completely breaking. A groan can be heard in the background as the scene transitions to a wall point of view of the small room as Antonio Parks can be seen, transitioning into a sitting posture on the side of the bed, his shoulder and ribs were surprisingly heavily taped with small amounts of ice packs around his body, from the source of the grueling, weekly Global Championship Open Challenge somehow managing to take its effects on the Global Champion but nevertheless he wasn't going to let a few bruises and sores stop home from getting to where he wanted to be, where he needed to be. In the main event of Wrestlemania 6.]

[The surroundings of the fallen, former Undisputed Champion were certainly similar to his abrupt fall from grace nearly two months ago. He appeared to have been in some run down hotel on the outskirts of town, surprisingly still in his ring attire from the previous Chaos before the Royal Rumble event. It had become almost routine for him at this point. Show up to work, defend the Global Championship and find someplace to rest. As much as he didn't want to admit it, the Global Championship, The Open Challenge, it wasn't enough to fill the void that had been ripped open inside of Parks for months and months on end. Antonio rubs the palm of his hand over his eyes, small wrinkles underneath them signaled that he had not gotten much rest in preparation for the Royal Rumble but he wasn't going to let a bit of rest get to him in anyway, shape or form. Parks rises up to his feet as he walks out of the frame of the camera and straight across the room towards the direction of the bathroom as he needed to prepare for the upcoming flight to Rome for the event. He needed no time to waste on participating in a dick measuring contest along with Gavin and Lees, he had no time to waste by taken the Mrs. to dinner and being forced to pay because he let himself become a pushover to his own damn wife. *Ringing any bells?*]

[Anyways, a few moments later, Antonio walks from out of the bathroom, his bags packed for the long, grueling trip to Rome as he grabbed ahold of his bag, tossing it over his shoulder as he was dressed in a short sleeved black “NCW Royal Rumble” T-shirt that was worn over a long sleeved white sweater along with black, denim jeans and his signature beige Timberland Boots. Antonio glances over as he grabbed ahold of his NCW Global Championship Title that was propped firmly on the table shelf as he glances down at the prized possession that he had held for sixty days and sixty nights now. The title that had practically become exclusive to him and was near and dear to his heart and soul. But, Sunday wasn't about the Global Championship, it was simply about the Undisputed NCW Championship for Parks and fulfilling his lifelong dream. Parks simply zips back open his bag as he shoves the 20 pound gold and leather accessory of his into his gear bag as he glances around the disgusting and horrible stench and surroundings that was another hotel room that he had collapsed in, every week after Chaos in a exhausted and sometimes even drunken stupor. Antonio grips his hand around the cold surface of the silver door knob as he pulls the door open to the hotel room as the cold breeze of the wind instantly slaps into his face, almost as if a wake-up call had directly struck Parks as he is gently shoved backward into the door, getting himself adjusted, straightening out the wrinkles in his shirt, blinking his eyelids rapidly as he looks around his surroundings, almost as if he was reborn, refreshed and recharged. Antonio adjusted the strap to his bag on to his shoulder as the glaring rays of the sunlight blinded his eyes for a momentary moment as he walks across the parking lot of the hotel towards the direction of an awaiting limousine that was used for NCW talent only for travel. Antonio opens the door to the limo, tossing his bag in as he climbed into the backseat, slamming the door roughly as he placed his head into the palms of his hands. The window separating the driver and the passenger slowly rolled down as the driver who looked to have been in his golden years, approximately his late 50’s and of Caucasian descent peers his head around as he looked at The Global Champion.]

Driver-”Where shall I'll be taking you, Mr. Parks?”

Antonio-”The airport, please.”

Driver-”Ah, I see. Is it for the Royal Rumble event that everyone is speculating about?”

Antonio-”No,. I'm just randomly traveling to Rome on February 1st for no apparent reasoning behind my motive at all. What do you think, you old bat? Is your dementia catching up to your brain cells or what?”

Driver-”I believe so. I think I'm even going blind. I don't know if I can even drive this limo. I'm afraid you're screwed.”

Antonio-”What? God, you have to be….”

Driver-”I'm just joking with you, youngster. Relax. I may be old but I'm still watching television, you know?”

Antonio-”Are the colors in black and white and is there an antenna attached to the top of the damn thing?”

Driver-”No, no, no but I've seen how you've been since Reborn. You're busting your ass defending that Global Championship but I can tell that it isn't enough for you, you're simply in purgatory right now, kid. Now, with the opportunity presented in your hands to have a shot at the Undisputed Title and back to the main event picture and now, doubts are running in your mind, questioning and doubting whether or not, you are make it, whether or not that you still have it within you to be at that elite level that you once was.”

Antonio-”What the hell are you, a mind reader or something, pops?”

Driver-”No. I'm just a old man with decades and decades of wisdom behind me.”

Antonio (chuckles)-”Well, if you don't mind, can you get this car starting on up and functioning and driving me off to the airport before I put my size 15 Jordan's so far up your ass that it'll take centuries upon centuries for them to finally remove them from your rotten corpse.”

Driver-”Ok. Will do, sir.”

[The driver tips his hat towards Antonio as he grinds the key into the ignition, starting the limousine up as he drove from out off his parallel parking position and onto the main road towards the airport. Parks glares out of the open window, streaks of the cold wind brushing against the surface of his smooth, freshly shaven skin as he takes a look around the posters and advertisements that were advertising for the Royal Rumble event, a hint of motivation and anticipation began to creep through the veins of Antonio as the scene slowly faded to black on the imagery of Antonio sitting in the limousine.]

~Rome, Italy. 8:45 P.M. Leonardo da Vinci International Airport~

[The scene resurfaces towards the once brightful day sky that was now turned into pure darkness that was the night at approximately 8:45 P.M in Rome, Italy as the scene surfaces down to the airstrip that was the location of the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport as the first one that walks onto the concrete airstrip was the Global Champion Antonio Parks, the NCW camera crew filming the arrival of the former, three time Undisputed Champion as he walked straight across the concrete asphalt of the air strip, walking straight towards the camera crew as out steps a representative from New Championship Wrestling who addressees Antonio of the scheduled interview inside of the interview that was set to occur outside of the arena where the Royal Rumble would occur. Antonio appeared to nod his head in a nonchalant manner, not even remotely caring about the whole media press or other nonsense that was needed as he simply walks past the executive and camera crew as the camera points directly down to the concrete floor. The scene resurfaces out in front of the arena as a large banner is hung directly in front of the arena, the banner itself is revealed to have been a enlarged sized poster for the Royal Rumble as the camera crew glances down to the sighting of Antonio Parks sitting down in a movie set like chair, the NCW Global Championship propped against his waist as next to him is a interviewer who goes to utter a word as Parks suddenly raises his hand in front of the man's face, stopping him from uttering a word as Parks looked directly into the lens of the camera, most of the executives and representatives were stunned and shocked by the sudden motion. Antonio signals for the camera to begin rolling as Antonio adjusted his seating in the chair as the camera focuses solely on the Global Champion. Antonio looks down at the sighting of the Global Championship Title as he lifts up the 20 pounds of gold and leather as his eyeballs read across his nameplate as he releases a long exhale from within himself as he went to speak.]

“This title. The Global Championship, ever since Reborn went down, I had claimed to wanting to have been a fighting champion, to make this prestigious just as, if not more than the Undisputed Championship. Every week since then, I started a Open Challenge to make this mean something, to bring honor back to this very title. The challenges all have come and they all had indeed fallen, one by one, from Cody Rhodes to Kelly Hackenschmidt to Bobby Roode to Josh Gavin to even...Emily La Strange. This Global Championship looked to have reignited that fire inside of me that's been out for way too damn long now. But also, this very title that was an apparent blessing for me also turned out to have been a curse just as the same. Everytime I look into this Global Title, I experience day in and day out, the memory of Reborn, the night where I last held that Undisputed Title, the night where everything came crashing down around me and it has been nothing but a living hell day in and day out, every second of every day, I experience it time and time again. *sighs* I wanted to believe that I didn't need the Undisputed Title to prove something, to prove that I was the best, not one of, but THE absolute best in the world today. I WANTED to believe in that, I wanted..I wanted to make myself believe in it but I realize that I was only lying to myself. I was trying, trying so hard to fill that hole, that gap that I wasn't the Undisputed Champion and that title wasn't around my waist and it was working but then, the very moment that I entered the Royal Rumble, the very moment that I placed in my slot at a chance to headline WrestleMania for the Undisputed Championship, it was like I awaken from out of a trance. As much as this Global Championship means to me...I just need to be Undisputed NCW Champion just one more time, I just need to hold that title in the middle of the ring on the Grandest Stage of them all just the one more time and I don't just want it, I need it. I need to be champion again and I've won the Royal Rumble before, I've gone through 29 men before just a year ago and I'm certain that I can do it again and this time, this time get into the main event of Wrestlemania 6.”

“I'm not... I'm not just talking about a marquee match or one with some washed up movie star, I'm talking about the main event, the closing act to a four hour extravaganza, the last match on the crowd. Yeah, sure I won the Royal Rumble last year and that granted me a main event opportunity at Wrestlemania but I never got that main event, I wasn't the closing that as everyone saw it. My WrestleMania main event was taken away from me and for over 365 days that fact has consumed me, that fact has been eating me alive day in and day out, through every championship win, through every match it has been gnawing at me for over one year. So, when I see the likes of Josh Gavin, Chris Lees and even the returning Stardust talk about and go on and on about wanting to win the Royal Rumble, I just simply sit back and laugh at that. You see, those men are great competitors, extraordinary athletes but none of them and I mean absolutely none of them wants this as much as I do. I can look right into the eyes of the Suicidal Superstar, I can stare straight into the very soul of Josh Gavin and sure he likes to run his mouth and talk on and on about bunch of useless and meaningless bullshit that doesn't mean a damn thing to me in some lame attempt to look edgy when really he is doing is making himself look sad. For starters, no one has given a shit about the Canadian National Anthem since..when it was first created. I mean, face it Joshua, all Canada has ever been good for in stronger beer, that bitch from the Scream movies and Pamela Anderson and even both of them washed up nowadays, sort of like yourself. You call yourself a veteran, go on and on about meaningless crap that doesn't even revolve around the Royal Rumble Match and that is the same mistake that cost you in our match for the Global Championship, that is your stupid, gigantic ego that thinks you're the best but in reality, you are just a dime a dozen in this industry, eh? *mocks canadian accent*

[Antonio folds the Global Championship Title as he hands it off out of the camera frame to one of the NCW executives off camera as he sits up in a straightened posture, rolling up the long white sleeves up to his forearms as he rolled his neck around, cracking his knuckles within his fist, the adrenaline rush began to quickly rush its way through Parks’ body, the anticipation for the Royal Rumble became more and more intense and more probable for the Global Champion. Antonio rubs the palms of his bare hands against one another as he releases a small chuckle from within himself as he shook his head in a sidewards motion.]

“I mean, snarky blonde hair Canadian who buys way too much into his own hype, who may be a bit of a pushover for his butch dyke looking of a wife, I mean there is thousands of people, simple minded and arrogant enough to fill the place of Josh Gavin, *snaps fingers* just like that. I mean, your own government can be a better replacement than you and we all know that that they're a bunch of sensitive, P.C pussies and you criticize us about Trump, nonetheless? And what is very truly sad about all of this is that those blonde chemicals must be flowing into those brains of yours otherwise you'd see how much of a disgrace you've truly become. You've seek some much of the adulation for so many that could give a damn about you that you lost yourself, Joshua. You lost yourself and become this walking shell of yourself that just needs to die. I can look right in your eyes and honestly, I don't even think that you believe in yourself that you can win the Royal Rumble. There's such a thing in this business that Talk is Cheap and you've been doing a whole hell of it, your mouth has been spewing a whole bunch of crap but your eyes are telling another story, my friend. Your eyes speak of doubt, speak of a man that doesn't believe in himself anymore. Face it, as much as you hate it, deep down within the pit of your soul you know that you don't believe in yourself anymore and you know that Josh Gavin just doesn't have what it takes anymore to win the big one. You can talk as much as you want, film so many videos that you please all that you really want me showing us is that you're just trying to convince yourself that you at least have a snowball's chance in hell at winning. You can look into these very eyes of mine right now and you see just only two reasons of mine that I am going to win the Royal Rumble and that completely trumps every B.S. reasoning that you've given thus far. When you look into these eyes, you actually see a man that actually believes in himself and believes in every word in which that he says. You don't see a insecure man such as yourself with a wife that's more successful than him, a wife that doesn't even love him anymore as she sleeps in that cold bed at night next to her pathetic disgrace of a husband. I hope you enjoy that Gavin manor of yours, observe every accomplishment that you have ever achieve because I promise you, after this Sunday night that little manor will become nothing more but pure hell to you. You're going to look at every accomplishment, every replica title and then, the Undisputed NCW Title of yours and you'll learn that as long as I am breathing, you will never be the Undisputed Champion again. You will never even sniff the air that is close to that title and that isn't because your time is over with Josh, it is because your time never started ticking and it will never begin for you. By the way, and once I toss your ass over the top rope This Sunday night, actually have the balls to not complain about it or bitch about it like you usually do. *imitates Gavin's crying voice* Oh, that isn't right, I poured my heart and soul out in that Royal Rumble Match. This is bullshit, this isn't fair, *normal voice* Life isn't fair, so shut up, actually grow a pair of hockey pucks in between your legs and stop being a pansy ass Canadian bitch boy about it.” June Bridals short sleeves evening gowns

“Many upon many of NCW talent from Phill the Popcorn guy that's probably stuffing popcorn up his ass as we speak to even the Glorious Bobby Roode are going to give you so many reasons as to why they're going to win the Royal Rumble Match while I'll just need to only give you one reason and one reason only. I am as stronger and as hungrier than I have ever been in my entire life, I have never wanted this more than anything. I want that Wrestlemania 6 main event more than life itself. So, if I have to step on and crush the dreams of Josh Gavin, therefore in a chain reaction leading up to Maxine leaving his crybaby punk ass, then that is exactly what I am going to do. If I have to turn a Glorious dream into one hell of a nightmare for Bobby Roode, then I'll do exactly that with a smile on my face. I don't give a damn about any dreams, aspirations, goals, dying relative's wishes for you to win the Royal Rumble, I don't give a rat's ass about any of that. I will gladly use on all of those aspirations, all of those dreams, all of those goals of every single 29 men in this Royal Rumble as an goddamn stepping stone to get to my dreams. I'm not a good guy, I'm not a bad guy, I'm a real guy and I'm being as real with you as possible, I don't care about the fan favorites, the hated, the revered, the legendary because they're trying to build a legacy while I'm on the cusp of building a empire in New Championship Wrestling. Come February 4th 2018, I will throw one after another after another over the top rope, body after body will fall at my hands and I'll be the last man standing in that ring, I'll get what I've earned for a long damn time now and that's the first class ticket to the main event of Wrestlemania 6 for the Undisputed Championship. All twenty nine of you men, all of your petty dreams are just going to be nothing more but fatalities for Antonio Parks to check off the list on my road to the main event, on my road to Wrestlemania 6 and on my road back to the NCW Undisputed Championship.”

Parks-”Are we finished here? Are we done here, fellas? Okay, great. See you fellas at the Royal Rumble.”

[The NCW executive hands the Global Championship back towards Antonio who instantly snatches the title away from executive who backed away from Antonio. Parks reaches into the collar of his shirt, tearing away the recording microphone as he threw it straight down onto the concrete ground as he walks past the speechless interviewer as out of the frame of the camera. The time for talking and running your mouths and flapping your gums was over for Parks. Traveling to some dumbass cities and towns with the event is in Rome didn't bother Antonio and was in a whole other realm of stupidity for him. What mattered now was the Royal Rumble Match and what mattered now was getting what he had fought for, bled for, worked endlessly for and that was the main event of Wrestlemania and not even the combined forces of Jesus Christ himself and Satan could do a damn thing about it. The scene fades to black as Antonio walks off into the dark distance of the Rome, Italy night.]

[Scene Ends]