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JuneBridals white color garments for graduation ceremony

(PS: this was made out of my wild imaginations)
you were walking on a path filled with the sweet smell of grass and lavenders that made you smile. you were wearing a white dress patterned with your flipflops, simple but elegant. as you walk through, you already saw the swing underneath the maple tree, you saw a man sitting on it. wearing a camisa de chino paired with black pants and slippers that adds to his manly look. you went closer into the swing, the man slowly turn his head towards you and smiled that can melt the hearts of all the girls in the world. you always questioned yourself, 'why of all million of girls who idolize you, why me?' yes. it was your bias, a lot of years you've been idolizing him, but now he's infront of you. he went near you and hug you tightly that he won't ever let you go, your cheeks went red for sure. 'i've waiting for you so long, anyways you look beautiful' he said as he tucked the sunflower on your ears. he hold your hand again and take you under the tree. its been months that you were having a relationship with him, but you were curious why does he let you wear the dress you were wearing right now. as the both of you look into the beautiful scenery, he suddenly knelt infront of you that made you shocked. he was smiling while kneeling, 'i've been waiting for so long, but this day is the perfect moment to say these words to you, i. kneeling infront to the one i love, i promise to be your happy pill whenever you are gloomy, i will be your joker if you want to be happy even though my jokes were corny, i will cook all the food that you want just to be full, i will be your teddy bear if you want to pinch my cheeks and hug me whenever you feel cold, i will be the best husband you could ever imagine. i know what i have said was so cheesy for others, but i don't care as long as i am with you. i will be on your side forever till we get old' he said as your tears flow on your cheeks 'i will not take this long, y/n will you marry me?' those words come from his mouth made you cry more because of happiness. imagine, past years you were just looking on his photos, posters and on his mv's but now. he's proposing to you. he took out a diamond ring that reflects into the sun that made it sparkle in such great light. 'yes' those words spilled out on your mouth that made him smile widely, he put the ring on you and it fit perfectly. he hugs you as his tears went down on his cheeks. he let go of you and kissed you passionately, your tears fell as he kissed you. suddenly, the place went dark and you heard the alarm clock went ringing. you've found out it was just a dream. JuneBridals white color garments for graduation ceremony
ps: di ako bitter haeup haha