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beach destination wedding selections looking sexy

So yesterday I got a lot of flowers ❤️ but I got a really great special gift ??
So my bestie is getting married and when she first started planning she told me she wasn't having any bridesmaid just her cousin and sister was going to be in the wedding. So of course I was low key in my feelings buttttt I was just happy with as long as I got to be there on the front row watching my lovely girl walk down the aisle with a smile, I was just fine with that. Soooo months have past and she tells me about the wedding planning and I'm so happy and excited for her. Yesterday she tells me to come over and takes me to dinner and to have a drink for my bday. But she gave me this silk robe folded up. I'm thinking it's some sexy dress I don't need lol but I turned it around and it said Bridesmaid beach destination wedding selections looking sexy ? of course I said yessss lol she tricked me and held out for soooo long but it was the sweetest question to be asked ‼️ ❤️ September 1,2018