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About 3 months later, betty told me that
had informed her brother about the job
but she said aunty bimpe wasn’t in support of it and she had poisoned her brother’s
She told me that bimpe said I cannot be
trusted and that I’m a gold digger who
only wanted to ruin and drain the family
investments. She told me that she tried to convince her brother but bimpe had
been against me.
“Chaiii, this bimpe again?” ” Why is this girl
against my success na?.
I told her its ok and she shouldn’t worry, but
betty assured me that I would get a job,
gave my CV to an interior decoration firm in
lekki and I was called for a test/interview
another 2 months later. The test was fixed on a monday so I took
some days off at work in ado on friday and
told my manager that I would resumed on
Wednesday, he wasn’t happy with my 2
days absence but I tried to convince him that I
wanted to travel to write a professional exam
and he latter accepted.
That friday afternoon, I left work at 3pm
travelled to akure to visit segun after 6 months that we never saw each other, he was
aware of my trip to lagos and he gave me
usual training and orientations. I travelled
lagos from akure and got to my cousin’s place in mushin at 11pm. I had my bath and was
later chatting with betty on how we would
about the job test and interview and we
agreed to meet at her house on saturday morning.
On saturday, I dressed up and went to lekki to
meet betty,. I was welcomed and
and I sat down in the living room, betty was
alone at home at that moment.
Me: where is bimpe? BETTY: she went out to a party
ME: what about daniella?
BETTY: she is sleeping upstairs. ME: ok, I didn’t see
your car in the
Is it faulty?. BETTY: not at all, Aunty bimpe took it out.
Me: why?,
BETTY: her highlander is having problem, so
the mechanic took it away to fix it.
ME: “chaii!!, Bimpe dey drive highlander
and me never get okada??”. Ok dear. When will
she be back?.
BETTY: I can’t say, maybe 3 hours time.
ME: how about your uncle?
BETTY: he doesn’t stay at home most
weekends. He is doing a partime business course with a foreign university who has affiliate in
ME: hmmmmm, no wonder I have never
him since I have been coming here.
BETTY: smiled. So , let’s talk about the job. ME: yeah, how do we go about it?. BETTY: onihaxy, blue short prom dresses
wait a minute. Are you
there is nothing else apart from the fight
had with Aunty bimpe in potharcout? ME: why do you ask? BETTY: because she so much
disliked you.
Infact, she doesn’t want to hear anything
related to you. The other day when our
purchase manager resigned. I was trying
to talk to bro henry to fix you in and you need to
see how aunty bimpe was so much against
Me: how?
BETTY: she said you are a gold digger, that
you were sacked from somewhere in portharcout because you stole the firm’s
money. Bla bla bla.
ME: and you believed her.
BETTY: no, I don’t. Because you don’t look
someone who could do such. But there was no way I could win the argument.
ME: hmmmmm, o ga oooo.
BETTY: even so many times, she had
you black to me and gave me reasons to dump you.
But trust me, I would never do that.
ME: waooh, you mean bimpe did all these
BETTY: why would I lie?.
ME: ***took a deep breadth*** BETTY: so onihaxy, is
there something I need
to know?,
ME: not at all.
BETTY: ok, if you say so, so as I was
saying. The interior decoration firm is owned by
my father’s friend. He used to travel out and
import furnitures and interiors to nigeria.
Me: so what would be my job position there?.
BETTY: he needed a marketing manager
and I convinced him that I have someone who is
ME: haaa, betty, I don’t know much about marketing
BETTY: its not something difficult jaree.
You will just design proposals, go round hotels,
offices, companies, online etc to seek for
clients for him. That’s all. ME: do you think I would be
able to handle
this thing betty?
BETTY: I believe in you onihaxy, I believed you
can do it. What you just need is the
connections to people who would be your clients and
I’m willing to help you with
Me: thanks so much dear. BETTY: transportation won’t be your
bacause an official car should be given to you
for easy marketing. And the bigger your
clients, the higher your take home
packages. ME: like how much is the salary?.
BETTY: I don’t have idea oo. But I think he should be
paying between 70 to 100k per
month sha. You know here is lekki, so take
homes should be at that range.
ME: “chaiii, official car + huge take home, my
own don better ooooo” thanks dear. BETTY: you are
welcome, so dear, I want
to prepare hard for the test and interview. I
want you to get this job and shame aunty bimpe. I seriously want you to be bigger
than 30k monthly salary.
ME: thanks dear.
BETTY: but please, I don’t want aunty
to be aware oo, she might go behind me and poison the man’s mind because he knew
bimpe too.
Me: haaaa.
BETTY: don’t worry, you are safe after
the job, I just want it to be secret for now. Me: trust me now. We don’t even relate or
talk, so how will I get to tell her?.
BETTY: that’s my darling. ***hugs***
Betty and I continued gisting untill daniella
woke up and bimpe also arrived. She eyed
me as usual after saying ‘Hi” when she saw me in
the house, bimpe climb upstairs and betty
me that I need to start going so as to
prepare well for the test. I left lekki at around 5pm
and went back to mushin.
I was at oshodi on sunday morning at
8am to buy new shoe and tie because I didn’t
come with tie and my shoe doesn’t look
good for a lekki interview. I was under the bridge
pricing shoe when I got a call, I looked at
the screen and it was betty. I smiled and
ME: hi darling ***bedroom voice*** STRANGE VOICE: its not betty, this is
bimpe *** panting***
ME: **frowned*** ehn ehn?? what
BIMPE: **still panting*** please don’t hang
up. Are you still in lagos? Me: yes BIMPE: where are you at the moment?
ME: oshodi, and why asking all these
questions?, where is betty.
BIMPE: that’s why I called you, come over
mendila hospital in Ajah straightway. Its an emergency.
Me: **screamed**** yeeeeeeh. What
to her?, what happened to my betty?, tell
BIMPE: stop asking questions, when you get here, you will know.
ME: how do I get there from oshodi?.
BIMPE: haaa, take a cab from there
directly to
ajah. Give the driver the description, don’t worry, I
would pay him when he gets here. ME: ok,
I was so worried and scared, I dropped the
shoe I wanted to buy, I climbed oshodi
to the other side and I heard a bus shouting
lekki ajah. “Oh my God?, what time will this one get to
ajah now?.”
Just while I was still asking rethorical
question, I saw a powerbike parked very close
to “under bridge” and behold, the rider
was coming out of somewhere to mount on it. I
ran close to him immediately.
ME: hello, please I need you help, its an emergency
RIDER: ***frowned*** yes, how can I help
ME: *scared and panting*** please I need to
get to ajah , at mendila hospital. RIDER: then go and
take public bus now.
ME: please, someone so closed to me is
on a hospital bed and doctor said there would
be no treatment until we pay, I just got the money and
I want to rush down there to
her life.
RIDER: ok, your money is 3,000 naira. ME: ****hian!!!, even Akure to lagos is
1,500naira na**** please have mercy on me, I
don’t have up to that amount.
RIDER: **** switch on the bike** then get
ME: please wait, ok, I will pay 2k please. RIDER: ok, I will take it because you said you
have a dieing patient. Ok, climb up.
I mount on the power bike and it took me
straight to the hospital at ajah in 25
To be continued