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blue wedding guest dress

I thank all of you for your wonderful comments on the wedding. I just had to share pictures as they came into my phone. We have three wonderful parties planned in Huntsville next weekend. Dinner for out of town guests at my house on Friday night. Bridesmaid luncheon at noon on Saturday. Actually, the ladies of the family since there was only one bridesmaid. THen the large celebration Saturday night-the blessing of the marriage. I cannot wait to see her final dress. She designed and had added the gray overskirt on the white dress as well as the gray undertones on the top. Wasn't it magnificent?? Well, I cannot wait to see it "in person." They love each other so much it does my heart good. Brandon has a wonderful family and it will be a pleasure to see them again. Lots of Sherry Ann's family is coming from out of town also. Most of Mark's family lives in Huntsville!! Thank goodness. You are my family also so I will share pictures of this glorious weekend in front of us. I love you all. God Bless blue wedding guest dress