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------clash of hearts-------
Episode 2*********

They fell silent for some minutes. However, the knock on the door was the only sound that got their attention.

‘Open up this minute’ the voice was aggressive.

‘Who could that be?’ Nneka exchanged stares with Tola.

Nneka sighed and rose to her feet, she was ready to rain hailstones on the intruder who lacked manners but one look at the familiar face caused her boldness to disappear.

‘Korina…’ Nneka stuttered.

‘That’s my name bitch’ she pushed the door wider and stepped in.

‘So this is the hole where you guys live’? Korina’s eyes reflected disgust.

‘What do you want Korina’? Nneka later found her courage while Tola curled up in a corner looking like a cat.

‘A month ago i had a party and I heard beggars invited themselves’Korina paused allowing the words to have their effect.

‘We are not beggars’ Nneka snapped at her.

‘Hold on. That’s not where I am getting at, weeks later I heard one of you danced with my brother and is currently dating him. I have come to warn whichever of you it is, to stay away from Dayo. He would never go down with riff raffs like you. Dayo would be getting married in a month’s time, so please back off’ Korina yelled.

‘Are you kidding me? So is this why you came over here’? Nneka chuckled softly.

‘Yes, Fake bitch wanna be. Next time, I won’t be this nice’ she hissed and stormed out of the room.

You Are Reading: Clash of Hearts

‘What have I gotten myself into?’ Tola sobbed as Korina renewed her tears.

‘Stop this Tola, crying wouldn’t solve any problem. You already made the mistake, you have accepted it was a mistake, now the only thing we can do is to correct it, you have to tell Dayo right now’ Nneka said.

‘How? I bet he wouldn’t remember my face. I don’t have his number. I’m so ashamed of myself’ Tola felt weak, was she dreaming?

‘Okay, just stay strong. Don’t do anything stupid, we would go see him at his office when you’re ready. We would go together, I promise’. Nneka hugged her friend.

‘Thanks so much’ Tola wept on her shoulder. The buzzing of her phone tore them apart.

‘Good afternoon Nonye’ Tola spoke to one of the girl’s she worked with at the restaurant.

‘My shift has ended and you aren’t here to take over, I have to go somewhere right now, please come over’ the girl requested.

‘Oh, I almost forgot. I’ll be there soon Nonye, thanks’ Tola threw the phone on her bed and searched for a suitable dress to wear for work.

She worked as a waitress in a very expensive restaurant: ‘Soph and Barbs’ Restaurant. she worked and school at the same time, it really paid off, that’s why she took her job seriously.

‘Where are you off to?’ Nneka asked.

‘Work, I’ll be back in three hours time’ Tola stared at her reflection at the mirror and sighed. She had played with fire, she hoped she wouldn’t get burnt.

You Are Reading: Clash of Hearts – Episode 2

Dayo Peters was the son of Chief Solarin Peters, together they ran a multimillion company. Dayo was a man to die for, he wasn’t just wealthy but he was very appealing to the female gender.

He wasn’t a six footer but he was tall, dark, well muscled and firm and his eyes were dark and brooding.

That’s why Angel had persuaded her mother to arrange a marriage between them. They had been family friends since childhood and somehow she had fallen in love with Dayo, the only way to have him for herself was by marriage and she was about to achieve her aim.

‘So honey where would we have our wedding? London or Paris’? she asked while flipping through the pages of Elle Magazine.

‘Anywhere you want, is fine by me’ Dayo smiled at the woman he’d grown to love. There was no woman for him aside Angel. Though he flirted around and broke quite a number of hearts, but the queen of his heart remained Angel Daramola.

She was tall and slender with a smooth caramel complexion. Lawyer by profession, she was smart and very intelligent, qualities that made him love her the more. Her neck had rings on them, glorious like that of a swan bird. Her legs were straight and shapely, she didn’t have much hips, her belly was flat and on her chest stood proud mounds of flesh. Her face was excellently carved, a clean set of teeth, chestnut eyes, lush lips and a sharp nose. Angel as her name implied was beautiful. crop top wedding gown

They were perfect for each other and he knew this.

‘You always make me smile’ she reached out and stroked his cheek as they arrived the restaurant.

‘Welcome to Soph and Barbs’ Dayo winked and quickly stepped down to help his queen out of the car.

‘Thanks sweetheart’ she smiled.

‘When last did you hear from Korina’? Angel asked. She liked Dayo’s sister, they had so much in common. They had almost the same taste for things. A high fashion sense for example, they watched ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and lots more.

‘She’ll be back from school by weekend’ Dayo pulled her a seat and settled into his’.

‘Good. I do miss her’ Angel replied.

‘Hello and welcome to Soph and Barbs, What would you like to have’? Nonye walked up to their new guests, a bit annoyed by Tola’s absence.

‘What should we eat?’ Dayo picked the menu.

‘Oh, Excuse me sir, she’ll take over from here’ Nonye spotted Tola that moment and decided to take her leave.

‘Who’? Dayo eye’s was still fixed on the menu.

‘Her’ Nonye stared at Tola icily and walked away.

‘Good evening’ Tola tried to compose herself. Why did they have to cover their faces with the menu?

‘Good evening’ she repeated, it seemed they both didn’t hear her.

‘Darling have you made up your mind? What should we have Angel?’ Dayo trailed off as their eyes met yet again. He remembered her vividly, what was she doing here?

To be continued....