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Episode 41

I had no idea why Gladys wanted to see me, but by
intuition, I guessed she wanted to get dirty.
I had not even gotten off the bed when she called.
She must have been giving it a hard thought, all
through the night.
I got up, brushed my teeth, took my bath, and kept
my apartment in order.
Gladys didn’t show up on time, I waited till 9, and
she was yet to call me or show up.
I dressed up to go spend some time in Ibro’s
room, I had barely locked my door behind me when
I noticed Gladys walking towards my apartment,
looking so hot and $£xy, I personally, had never
seen her looking that pretty.
I smiled at her, she smiled back, I hugged her when
she reached closer.
I Invited her in, she sat on the bed.
Considering how Gladys was dressed, I knew her
intention for visiting.
But I wanted to hear it from her lips.
“Off all days, why did you choose to visit me
today?” I asked
she kept quiet for a moment, probably scouring for
the best reply.
“To spend some time with you” she replied, with a
“really?” I said, and moved closer to her.
“yeah” she said, almost like a whisper.
I reached forward and kissed her, she kissed me
back, wrapping her hand around my head.
I withdrew my lips from hers, kissed her neck, her
earlobes down to her bare chest, then to her
The door was half way open all along, I stood up
and locked it.
I walked back to the bed, and continued from where
I stopped.
She had already taken her top off, I unhooked her
bra, her n!pples were already erect, I sucked on
them while she moaned, and caressed my hair.
I pushed her backward to lie on the bed, then slid
my hand into her mini skirt, and felt her ¢lit through
her panties.
She moaned while i was at it, I took off her skirt.
one unique thing about Gladys was her affinity for
accessories and apparels that match.
she wore a pink bra and pantie, pink bangles and
shoes, then a white top with a pink skirt.
I pulled her pant off, her p*ssy wasn’t completely
shaved, there was a little hair.
I licked it anyway, and used my tongue to move in
and out.
she kept moaning on top of her voice, and
strangling my head between her thighs.
“Jeff! Please stop” she kept saying.
I didn’t hearken, I continued, licking and
tonguefvcking her, she vibrated as she Pour, her
Well juice got into my mouth, my nose and my
My face was completely soaked.
She began laughing.
“What’s funny?” I asked
“Am sorry, but I asked you to stop” she said and
continued laughing.
I got off the bed, and undressed myself.
My d!ck wasn’t even erect.
“Alright, it’s your turn” I said and expected her to
know what to do.
“Lie on the bed” she said and I obeyed.
I lay on the bed, she grabbed my rod with her right
hand, stroked it a little then took it into her mouth.
She was good, she had a magical touch, If I had let
down my guard, I would have long erupted, I can’t
really describe it, but there was a way she did it to
produce so much sensation and pleasure.
After some minutes I stopped her, gave her a
¢ondom and asked her to roll it on my rod
She didn’t, she continued “blowjobing’ me, probably
trying to pay me back in my own coins.
She pumped my d!ck for several minutes till I
She wiped the ¢um, then blew my d!ck again, back
to Attention.
once I was online again, she rolled the ¢ondom and
slowly slid my d!ck to her v*gina.
She massaged her ¢lits while riding my d!ck.
I liked the view before me, the sight of her b°°bs
dangling up and down was priceless.
I wanted to be in control, to control the rhythm of
the $£x, I turned her around, and penetrated from
behind, at high pace.
she continuously let out loud moans of pleasure.
After about twenty minutes, I climaxed. I was
completely tired.
I lay on the bed, breathing like an injured pig.
Gladys lay beside me, doing the same.
she turned around to face me, she stared into my
eyes for a while, then leaned forward and kissed
“what’s the time?” she asked
I glanced at my phone. “It’s 12:15pm”
“oh my God! I have to get going” she said.
“But you have to take your bath”
“i’ll do that at home, you don’t really understand, I evening dresses online
told my parent I was Ill, and wouldn’t make it to
church. I should be at home when they return”
I helped her dress up, then accompanied her to the
roadside afterwards, where she got a taxi home.
I returned and was about to go Into my room, when
Ibro said, from his room
“Jeff and Women. Chai!”
I turned around, his door was open, he was sitting
on the couch and laughing.
Jennifer was lying on his laps, she was smiling.
I walked Into the room, and sat with them.
“Different girls every time, guy what’s the secret?”
Ibro said.
“Jennifer cleared her throat” probably to remind him,
to be careful.
“To be honest I want to stop, but the harder I try,
the deeper into It I get”
I decided to leave immediately i made that
statement, because if Jennifer was to start lecturing
me, her words of advice would make me feel
terrible, and I’ll still go back to the same act.
So I excused myself.
On the Wednesday, of the same week, I got a call
from Amarachi, she was crying, and pleading with
me to come over to her place.
I Quickly dressed up, and hurried to her place.
I met a little crowd, gathered around someone.
“It was Drake, her new lover, he was lying on the
ground, stabbed!”
To Be Continued….