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purple evening gowns

This got to 329 pages before I ultimately scrapped it. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...

Ronnie and Sandy travel back to 63' to set right a wrong...

“Well I guess tomorrow we should go check out the scene of the crime as it were and then go to the trial and see what we can glean from the minds already made up Judge and jury,” Sandy offered.
“Sounds good, Hey wonder what is on TV? Looks like the Huntington Inn has all the latest technology so we are good to go,” Ronnie said pointing to the small black and white TV set with the rabbit ears on top. He walked over and turned it on. Immediately the picture had a blizzard of salt and pepper and then a clarity dot started at the center and expanded out until it covered the entirety of the twelve inch screen. purple evening gowns
“Heel Dino, heel!”
“Wilma, Barney and I are going to the Lodge tonight and that is all there is to it!”
“Uh hee hee, uh hee hee, Wilma is not going to like this,” Barney whispered.
Even though the forty eight year old cartoon was tiny and in black and white, Ronnie and Sandy were instantly ten years old again as hey re-experienced something that was brand new to the rest of the planet. The cartoon was followed by “The Dona Reed Show”, “My Three Son’s”, “Bewitched” and “Peyton Place” (which Ronnie still thought sucked.)
“I forgot how long the commercials were,” Sandy stated.
“Oh yeah, they were all a minimum of two minutes back then. I guess commercials got shorter as there were more and more products to sell.”
Partly because reality overload was sinking in and partly because the trip back to TV land was so enjoyable both time traveling righter’s of wrongs fell into a long comfortable sleep that lasted throughout the night.
They awoke refreshed and still in the hotel room and still in 1965. Now the Huntington Inn wasn’t low rent when it came to amenities, no, not only did they have a 12” screen black and white television complete with rabbit ears but they also had thick light blocking curtains for the late sleeper in you. This was especially nice since the two time travelers were about to be in the surprise zone yet again.
“That was the best sleep I have had since the night before we visited Remember When Antiques.”
“Mr. Struhl I could not agree with you more,” responded Mrs. Struhl.
“Okay, after we shower (wink wink) we will go and watch the trial for a bit and then head over to the scene of the crime as it were and see what is what,” Ronnie stated.
As Ronnie got the shower going Sandy picked up the phone and made a very usual call…
They couple took their shower, until the water ran cool and then got dressed and opened the door to greet the morning. Only the morning was not what greeted them back.
“Uh, I don’t remember anyone talking about a solar eclipse today,” Sandy understated.
“Yeah and I don’t remember that house over there either.”
The couple had opened the door to a new night which missed the sun ringing the doorbell as well as a neighborhood home that housed folks which would prove to be of particular interest.
“My watch says eight AM. What does yours say?”
“My watch says I don’t have a watch. I always use my phone for time inquiries,” Sandy replied with a bit of smart ass swagger in her retort.
After acclimating to the fact that they had once again stepped into the dimension Serling built Ronnie and Sandy decided to get closer to the house across from the now gone Inn and see why they were here. They walked over to the window.