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¤ The Ugly Duckling ¤
By: ANYA [kissmyredlips]
°Ugly # 1

I bobbed my head left and right while swaying my hips from side to side. My arms were both raised above my head. I made sure that every move i make would matched the beat.

I grinned to myself. The hand that was carefully placed on my waist began to slide down to my butt and it made me smirk. Ipinikit ko na lang ang mga mata ko at ipinagpatuloy ang pagsasayaw. I made sure to grind my ass against the crotch that was right behind me. Hindi ko naman kasalanan na sumasayaw siya sa likuran ko. I snickered.

A hot breath lingered on my neck that made me close my eyes. His lips were already on my neck when something vibrated on my chest. I quickly open my eyes, snapping out of my current state to focus on my vibrating chest. Bakit nagbavibrate 'yong dibdib ko?

Then i remembered placing my phone inside my bra. I walked away from the guy who was fondling me while trying my best to get my phone from my brassiere. Two girls saw me slipping my hand on my tube hugging dress. They're really looked disgusted. I stopped from my track and looked at them with a wicked grin. I squeezed my boob with a seductive look without losing eye contact to them. My grin got even bigger when i witnessed how their eyes widened and how their jaws dropped on what i did. slit prom dresses

I slowly raised my hand inside my dress and made sure that the girls would see the phone that i was holding. Napasara ang bibig nila at napataas naman ang kilay ko. Kahit madilim ay alam ko na namumula sila kaya hindi ko mapigilan ang mapatawa. Umiling-iling na lang ako at dumiretso sa restroom para masagot ang tawag.
"Yes, my-bestest-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world?" I was grinning widely at my own reflection. Hinawi ko ang dulo ng buhok ko at napabuntong-hininga na lang sa kagandahan ko.

Ilang beses ko nang nakikita ang sarili ko sa salamin pero hindi ko pa rin maiwasan mamangha. Ang ganda-ganda ko. My thoughts halted when i heard a sniff from the other line. The upward curve on my lips disappeared and...