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What I witnessed in the eastern cape it is much worse then, the much talked about water crises in the western cape. The area we visited is like a desert with no access road, clinic, police station and shopping centre. People are still using pramastoves and fire for cooking. The is electricity but the community people are so poor to even afford the cost of electricity. They only use electricity only for lights. The issue of water is worse as people use water from the river. One old lady described how she grew up using the same river water and her three generations after. She strongly believes that she will die using the same river. It painful that in this democratic times black people are still experiencing such poverty. The only school in that area is 2 kilometres away from where people live. Even that school condition is terrible to think that people are utilising it. I'm so angry about how we black south african are progressing in advancing our poorness in our society in the hands of politicians and professionals. I mean it been more then 20 years in democracy yet we advanced much black hate and ignorance with government projects and political debate. When the fact is that black society for was isolated and had no right of existing in this country by white minority. Black owns nothing in this country. The land property we utilising we dont own. Yet black on black hate is spreading like wild fire. We so hate ourselves to embarras ourselve in defence of the opressors. When real issues that affects the majority of people which are black people is ownership. This has thought me that a black man in south african owns nothing other then the identity document. We cannot better ourselves in anything to own then the salaries we receive from the employer " mostly the private sector" which belong to the other race. Most black who are happy employees which means serving someone with vision or owning, are so vocal and social networks are trending on issues that does not involve them as blacks. Really what impact does economy or rand growth or downfall has on a black man who owns nothing other then credit, identity doc, degree with not property. It by natural law that every man has right to property on earth to belong. Without land property you belong no where and without access to basic needs you will remain the consumer. We are vocal yet black professionals, officials and are failing to advance services to develop a black man to rely in his own abilities of existence to advance the country economy. If only we could take serious such small and stupid issues as witness witnessing a fellow black man in a line dressing for water tank. Water crises didn't have colour, it a woman need yet when it black it a norm yeer. It like a black man own being poor to every race. The media is uttering every word it could to assassinate character of a black president in the media. If we free and fare with all the media have been uttering. Every accused person has a right to answer those allegations he or she is accused of in a court. Everything is going down. I'm not into politics but love my skin and my people so much that I thank God everyday that I'm black. But what we doing saddens me I'm so feeling defeated with this developments in our society. wedding dresses for over 50