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whimsical wedding dresses



(Tony and May got back to London after a great weekend away, so Tony decided to ring and update Marcus on their wedding plans....)

Tony: Hello Marc, whats up?

Marcus: T, whats up, are you back in the country yet?

Tony: yes, we just arrived...Listen, I’m calling to let you know that we have fixed our wedding for next week Saturday. Nothing loud at all, my girl wants a really private wedding.
You are my best man while Miriam will be my girl’s maid of honour, that’s all!

Marcus: great! You have always wanted a private wedding yourself ‘innit? You both complement each other, man! Amazing things usually come in not so whimsical packages. I'm so happy for you, my man! Congratulations! Hearty congratulations, mate! whimsical wedding dresses
May was custom-made for you. I can’t wait to find a woman who fits into my life like a hand in glove.

Tony: what’s wrong with Claire?

Marcus: abeg, no start. That one na fire and brimstone. She can argue until the red sea parts.
Right now, I am looking for just one reason to end it. My job is already stressful; I wouldn’t want to come back home to a nagging woman.

Tony: you see your life? You are 34! Get your acts together soon. Listen man, I need you to give me an appointment for a thorough health check.
Nothing serious, but I have been having this cough and pain down my spine. I need to be healthy for my wedding and married life.

Marcus: I will also suggest a fertility test man; you know say you never get a woman pregnant for your whole life. Make we know whether we go beg May to bear with you and take you as you are ? ? ? ? ? ?

Tony: fool! When is my appointment?

Marcus: listen, Tony, I am gonna ask you to see another friend of mine, Doctor Gupte. I am doing a bank shift in Birmingham this week so I won’t be in London. Is that okay?

Tony: Sure. Inform him that I will be coming in tomorrow morning.

(The following day, Tony went to the hospital and after explaining his symptoms to the doctor, the doctor asked if he had ever been exposed to asbestos, Tony admitted that he had in the past when he worked as a builder.
The doctor then suggested that they run some tests to rule out lung cancer. The test was carried out and Tony left. When he got home, Marcus called to find out how his appointment went)

Marcus: what’s up? How was your appointment?

Tony: it was good. He scared me when he mentioned lung cancer. But he did carry out a test which thankfully ruled that out

Marcus: did you tell him you worked with asbestos in the past?

Tony: yes I did.

Marcus: that was why he suggested you do that test. Exposure to asbestos and smoking are the major causes of lung cancer in the UK. Also because you were coughing and having chest pain, any competent doctor would think in that direction.
Anyways, I’m glad there is no cause for alarm. You can now focus on your D day.



(It was 10. Am on the wedding day, May, Tony, Miriam and Marcus had just arrived at the church and stood at the door waiting to be called in by Rev Andrews. May was dressed in her beautiful mermaid gown designed by one of London's top designers.

Rev Andrews picked up the micro phone and asked them to come in and immediately, Adele was heard singing Tony’s favourite song in the background…..)
? ? ? ? ? ? ?

When the rain
Is blowing in your face
And the whole world
Is on your case
I could offer you
A warm embrace
To make you feel my love

When the evening shadows
And the stars appear
And there is no one there
To dry your tears
I could hold you
For a million years
To make you feel my love

I know you
Haven't made
Your mind up yet
But I would never
Do you wrong
I've known it
From the moment
That we met
No doubt in my mind
Where you belong

I'd go hungry
I'd go black and blue
I'd go crawling
Down the avenue
No, there's nothing
That I wouldn't do
To make you feel my love…… ? ? ?

The couple were blown away because they never invited any musician. Marcus had gone behind them and paid for Adele to sing for them.

Tears of joy filled their eyes as they held hands and walked to the altar. ?
The couple were joined in holy matrimony by Rev Andrews, after which they made their way to The Bahamas for their honeymoon. ?

To be continued