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white lace cocktail dress

Any make up artists or hair stylists that can donate their time for an awesome cause???

Tim Carman 16 hrs ·

For the 4th year in a row I’m collecting prom dresses, tuxedos and shoes for girls and boys who wouldn’t normally be able to afford to attend their high school proms. I’m also looking for hairstylists and makeup artists to donate their services. I will be donating tans. If you would like to donate a little of your time or have an item you’d like to donate Contact me. If you know a kid that needs this service and can’t afford prom send them my way. Please do not tag them to this post or put their name on here in public. Their names are kept PRIVATE to save any embarrassment. We have been able to help quite a few kids over the past few years. Each has appreciated it so much!! white lace cocktail dress

*Also Thank you Glenn and Lisa Compton-arnold for the large donation of gowns you gathered and sent up a while back!!